Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot Air balloon

I had always love the feeling of flying in the hot air balloon. Freedom, so quiet, so silent...u can heard the wind blow.. feel the sunrise... smell the fresh air!! I love it. Richard Branson is my admirer, he love life, challenge, fun at his work. I read all his book and always feel that he approach of handling life, work, people are similar to what I like and do, so I take his as my role model. If I ever have 1 chance to work with him, that will be amazing.
He flow around the world in ballroom. Fail many times, but keep going...!
This is my second time in my life I am doing this. It was the most beautiful exciting flying over the safari. What else more can u ask for?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Pizza in Mykonos!

It has to be the best pizza in Mykonos!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excuse in life!

I was always finding excuse for not writing, calling, emailing....even texting. the worse kind to keep the simplest way of connecting with people. I used to be the slave of mobile phone, pagers, blackberry. Black and white apple laptop in 1993, smallest pagers in the markets 1994,first mobile phone 1996, first blackberry 2004. Now, I do not even own one and my mobile is pre-paid. It does not bother me anymore with the gadgets but will really like to get my communication skill back a little. Started blogging a little when I met up with my friend Jodee in Budapest. Was so motivated to keep up the habits but of course gone out of the window. Decided to log back in couples of weeks ago and was reading the experiences of days 3years ago and really it is nice to look back the nice experience. Hopeful this time around i can do better for myself.
Now still in Mykonos, waiting to see if the restaurant venture will go through. Very exciting but the same time scare the shit out of me. Everyone knows I am the victim of non commitment. I ran fast enough the other direction. It is a big step but isn't this what I always what? Life works very strangely. When you got what you wish for, you finds excuse for yourself there is something missing.....should be this way or that... WHY WHY WHY we never happy of what we got or going to have! Is it have to be that dilemma drama in life?

Japanese pizza man!!! On testing tomorrow all the way from Japan! Let's see how this will read in 2years time!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Champagne Breakfast

After the beautiful morning of hot air ballroom ride flying high up in the sky of Sahara safari dessert over the elephants, zebras, big 5. we finish off enjoying a beautiful breakfast on the dessert by the great chefs. An experience that truly take your breath away. Thank you Liza Uku baby organizing this great trip to fulfill one of my dream come true.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Varun Kakar in India!

After almost a decade, I am overjoy to see my housemate of Oxford st in Sydney for the first time in India. It seem like yesterday that we had seem each other, we pick up where we left off quickly. Varun is running his family hotel and expand his empire, building new hotel nearby keeping himself busy.

We used to spend some much fun together in Sydney! Really miss those golden days!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Me and animal are not actually best friend.... but beauty! Look at the face! So real, so cute!