Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Treat

A taste of Dom Perignon Rose to start and finished with 1979 Chateau Latour. Merry Christmas!

2011 St Moritz!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Home cook Meal

When I arrived in London, Eric & Joan are stilling on their way back from Spain. So I was waiting for Diana at the coffee shop nearby their house. I just flew in from Athens after 3days of meeting with my bosses. While I was travelling from airport to Earl Court in the tube, I realised someone was stalking me. I was sure that he will alight at the same station. I was right. He refused to move, waiting for me on the pathway. I went straight to the station guard, who is kind enough to escort me to the coffee shop. What an encounter.
When we got home, Diana was kind enough to prepare dinner for us. It was the best meal I had for months! All was simple, traditional Hokkien home cooked meal. Salt tulip fried egg, steam Teochew fish with preserved vegetable and plum. Chicken herbal soup, stirred fry Vegetable and steam Jasmine rice.
Although I am a chef, the luxury of someone willing to cooking for me, especially the comfort food from home, I am truly grateful and had enjoyed every second of it.
Thank you Diana!