Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Arrived in Cambridge on Sunday and the most relaxing time since finish of the season. Was a good catch up with Eric and Joan in London, staying at Koh Saing place at Earl Court. It is a nice apartment and so near city center. Had a unpleasant train ride from the airport. I was follow so a Indian looking guy. So scary. Thanks God I was alert and inform the guard.
Had an interesting lunch with Nikolas and Alexandros at the Barrafina, and Princi.
I went for my haircut in Cambridge, kind of nice chatting with the Malaysian hairdresser. She mention her husband just open a Malaysian restaurant so we went for lunch. Can;t imagine how much I miss the Penang prawn noodle soup, laska and Bau ku ta. Then we went to the kids kindergarten and primary school. Kind of interest to see how the kids are in school.

what a day!